Hypocritical HuffPo Doesn’t Pay Its College Editors


Its funny how the media will never actually practice what they preach. Consider the minimum wage argument. The liberal media has repeatedly endorsed raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour or more. However, in the case of the Huffington Post, at least, theory doesn’t apply to reality.

Updated on August 17, Huffington Post announced its Campus Editor-At-Large Program, in an attempt to gather student ambassadors from college campuses from across the country. In the list of “what to expect from the program,” nowhere was there any mention of monetary compensation.

Wow. Coming from the news source that trashes the conservative stance on minimum wage on a regular basis, it’s incredible that it won’t at least compensate their student writers for their work. Given the multitude of arguments HuffPost has given out for raising the minimum wage (People work more hours! The economy goes up! Look at Seattle!) one would think it would be eager to reap those benefits.


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