How ‘Clinton and Associates’ Education Ponzi Scheme’ Preyed on the Poor Worldwide


Haitian-born author Dady Chery details the history ofLaureate Education, the for-profit university system that enriched Bill and Hillary Clinton, and how it preys on poor applicants in developing nations.

From News Junkie Post:

Education is the latest public commons that is being attacked and turned into a commodity by a group of the world’s arrivistes, including Douglas Becker, Donald Trump, and Bill and Hillary Clinton. Money brings, in those who obsessively accumulate it, a transformation of thought and deed that is most discernible in the nouveaux riches. To give meaning to their purchasing power, they commodify all they can. As part of this process, and almost as a celestial joke, they also become persuaded that anything can be bought. Gradually, they come to believe that money will guarantee access to anything, the acquiescence or corruption of anyone, the evasion of any law or ailment, and the repair of any deficiency including, in many cases, a spotty education. – READ MORE

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