Houston Mayor: City Needs ‘Army Of FEMA Agents’ And $100 Million For Debris Removal (VIDEO)


Houston needs “an army of FEMA agents” to assist citizens, along with $75-100 million to deal with the immediate issue of debris removal, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said Friday.

“We need money advanced to us now. We’ve started our heavy debris removal two days ago. We’ll be out there every day but we need to ramp up, and we need immediately right now just for debris removal alone, anywhere between $75-100 million. Just for debris removal,” Turner told CNN Friday morning. “And we need the housing assistance, we need an army of FEMA agents on the ground to be assisting people.”

Turner said the main concern is still housing, but as people continue to return to their homes, they are disposing of debris on their sidewalks and it’s beginning to add up.

“The biggest problem will be housing. People are in their homes or they’re away form their homes. Their homes need to be rehabbed. Rebuilt. And the other thing is debris removal. Because the city, most of the city is dry people are putting that debris out in front of their homes and it’s piling up,” he said.

Turner shared some good news amidst the turmoil and said the city is mostly dry, while regular services start to get back in full swing.

“Most of Houston is now dry, with the exception of two areas … But things are vitally improving so that’s a plus,” he said. “Most of the vital stores are starting to open. The transit system has started its regular service. Regular trash pickup is occurring. Even the zoo is opening up today in the city of Houston.”

“With regard to the city of Houston we are starting to move into the recovery phase,” Turner concluded.

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