Former acting ICE Director Thomas Homan condemned Rep. Pramila Jayapal Monday night for going down to the border and assisting five people who had been denied asylum gain entry during his appearance on “Hannity.”

On Saturday, Jayapal tweeted that she “successfully  5 asylum seekers – 2 unaccompanied minors, a mother and her 9 year old child, and a young man with a serious medical condition – into the United States.”

“When you remember back or when your family tells the story of how your forbearers come to this country, they were also dirt poor,” Rivera stated. “The Irish were fleeing the potato famine, the Italians were fleeing their devastating economy, the Jews of Eastern Europe were fleeing the pogroms, there is always a reason. They often don’t speak the native language, they are dirt poor, they worked their way up. They realize the American dream, they come, they invent Google, they invent all of these new gizmos and businesses. It is the lifeblood that feeds our republic.”

“She used her official position to go down there and pull a political stunt and take these five people and put them ahead of 2,800 people that were standing in line, asylum-seekers too,” he said. “She went down there and used her official position to break the rules and play a political stunt. But she wants to blame our president saying he used a caravan [as a] political stunt.”- READ MORE


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