HILARIOUS POLL RESULT: You’ll Never Guess Dem Voters’ Preferred Candidate in 2020


In a hilarious result (at least if you’re a member of the GOP or a conservative), a new poll asked Democrat voters which well-known Democrat would be their preferred 2020 Democratic Party presidential nominee. Given the choice offered by the Hill.TV American Barometer poll among former vice-president Joe Biden, 2016 presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren, Vermont senator Bernie Sanders, New Jersey senator Cory Booker, California senator Kamala Harris and former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, the answer that was most popular with voters was — drum roll, please —

“None of the above.”

That was a choice offered the voters, and out of 680 voters, “none of the above” was the clear winner, garnering 204 votes, almost one-third of the total. The runner up was Biden, with 168 votes; Bernie Sanders scooped up 123 votes; Clinton received 80, and the others were bunched together; Harris got 28; Bloomberg got 27; Warren got 26, and Booker got 24.- READ MORE

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