‘Half of It Is as Good As None of It’: Rubio Explains Why Americans Shouldn’t Settle for Partial Wall Funding (VIDEO)


After several days of clashes between the migrant caravan and border patrol, Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) slammed the plan for partial wall funding put forward by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.).

Rubio made it seem like he believes Schumer is willing to negotiate on this deal because he laid out a full explanation as to why the partial wall funding wouldn’t work during his interview with “Fox & Friends” Wednesday morning.

“Having a partial wall is not enough. This is a project that is designed to flow traffic. What you want to do is cut off areas where people want to cross so they can only cross in certain place and you can monitor those places. So if the wall is not built, all 800 miles, if you don’t have the entire system in place, none of it works. It’s not one of those things where you can have half of it. Half of it is as good as none of it and the purpose of the wall is not to keep people out, per se, but to funnel the people that are allowed to come in, to make sure they enter through points of entry that we can monitor for everything from human trafficking to drugs and contraband and vice versa. And so, it’s actually safer for everyone.” – READ MORE


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