Google And Facebook Have Donated Thousands To Congressmen They Are Testifying Before


Google and Facebook are set to testify Tuesday and Wednesday during hearings before lawmakers to which they have donated thousands of dollars.

Two of the most massive companies in the world, Facebook and Google often use their overflowing coffers to influence public officials. But congressional investigators are concerned that Russian firms with potential connections to the Kremlin have been trying to harness, perhaps manipulate, the features and inherent makeup of the tech companies’ platforms to influence the American electorate. Google and Facebook’s general counsel, along with Twitter’s, are expected to provide testimony Tuesday to the Senate Judiciary Committee, as well as the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) and House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Wednesday.

Google and its workers have donated to 52 out of the 55 legislators who sit on at least one of those three committees, according to data from Center for Responsive Politics. Facebook, along with its employees, made financial contributions to 40 of the aforementioned committee members. This data was first reported on by Politico.

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