Golden Globes Reminds Americans Hollywood Hated Bush & Cheney As Much As They Hate Trump


The Golden Globe nominations are in, and Hollywood has managed to remind Middle America, once again, that they detest their political opinions and will take every opportunity they can to tar and feather politicians Americans elect if they don’t embrace the progressive agenda.

By giving the most nominations to yet another openly partisan film created by an openly partisan filmmaker about respected Republican figures — this time former Vice President Dick Cheney and former President George W. Bush — Hollywood has also managed to undermine its attempts to argue that their hatred for Trump is special. The truth is, as “Vice” reminds us, the Hollywood left have loathed all recent Republican presidents about as passionately as they currently despise Trump.

As The Hollywood Reporter announced triumphantly Thursday, “Vice” leads the way with 2019 Golden Globe Awards nominations with a total of six. “The Favourite,” “Green Book” and “A Star Is Born” tied for second-most nominations, all earning five.

“Vice” was nominated for: Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy; Best Performance by an Actor – Musical or Comedy (Christian Bale as Dick Cheney); Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in any Motion Picture (Amy Adams as Lynn Cheney); Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in any Motion Picture (Sam Rockwell as George W. Bush); Best Director – Motion Picture (Adam McKay); and Best Screenplay – Motion Picture (Adam McKay).

But while the trailer promises to give us the “untold true story” about Cheney’s secret deal with Bush to indulge his Machiavellian plans, and while left-leaning outlets are busy praising the “transformation” of Bale and Rockwell into what we’re supposed to accept as authentic portrayals of the two famous political figures, what is most clear from the early looks and the declarations of the director is that this is yet another example of Hollywood ridiculing conservatives and the Republican Party. – READ MORE

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