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Gitmo Detainee Says A Saudi Royal Family Member Recruited Him For Terror Before 9/11


A Guantanamo Bay detainee suspected of working as a bomb maker for al-Qaida, testified this summer that he was recruited into terrorism by an unnamed member of the Saudi royal family before 9/11.

The detainee, 41-year-old, Ghassan Abdallah al-Sharbi, said he overheard a telephone conversation in which a religious leader used the phrase “your highness” during a telephone call, just before pressuring Sharbi to move back to the United States and execute terror plots.

“I remember, ‘yes, your highness, yes your highness,’ and he was talking to him about me,” Sharbi said.

The religious leader told Sharbi participating in the terror plot would require learning to pilot a plane, The Associated Press reports. – READ MORE

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