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Francis Scott Key’s Direct Descendant Slams Kaepernick: “So Many of His Black Race Are Oppressed…”


NFL backup Colin Kaepernick’s national anthem protest has taken the nation by storm over the past few weeks, taking the focus away from football and putting it on race relations.

Now, the direct descendant of Francis Scott Key, the man who penned “The Star-Spangled Banner,” has decided to lash out against Kaepernick and his protest.

Shirley Carole Isham slammed the NFL player in USA Today Sports:

“It just broke my heart to think that someone that gets so much money for playing a ballgame, who is half black, half white would do this.”

“So many of his black race are oppressed, but it’s not by the whites, it’s by their own people. Look who their leaders are, and the president. Has (Barack Obama) done anything for these people?” – READ MORE

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