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Fragile Ego: Game Developer Sues 100 Gamers for $18 Million Because They Criticized Its Games


For video-game developers, harsh criticism is nothing new. In fact, most games are absolutely torn to shreds on release by critics and consumers alike. Typically these developers drown their sorrows in cash, booze, or both.

But Digital Homicide is no typical game developer. In March of 2016, it sued game critic Jim Sterling for posting a very unflattering review. They accused him of slander, libel and assault—all while trying to get $10 million out of him. This outrage came after Sterling (fairly) called their game Slaughtering Grounds a contender for “worst game of 2014.” After watching his review, I can’t help but agree.

Digital Homicide’s meltdown didn’t stop at a lawsuit, however, as they felt like it was a good idea to put out a now-deleted video that Sterling archived on his YouTube channel where they called him a “f**king idiot,” who was not playing the game correctly. Of course, Sterling and his subscribers had a field day with this, and it only served to make Digital Homicide look even more idiotic. (You can read more about what happened here.) – READ MORE

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