Fox Business’ Charles Payne Goes Off After Reagan Budget Director Calls Trump a ‘Madman’


David Stockman, the former budget director for President Ronald Reagan, panned the Trump economy on Fox Business Friday morning, referring to the commander in chief as a “madman” — setting off a heated clash between him and host Charles Payne.

“We’ve got a perfect storm of a madman in the White House, who’s pursuing trade wars, border wars, a fiscal policy that is totally out to lunch, and attacking the fed,” Stockman said.

Payne interjected: “It’s kind of harsh to call President Trump a madman.”

“Oh absolutely he is,” Stockman said.

“Because he’s fighting back against unfair trade, and intellectual property theft, a country that’s building manmade militarized islands that all of their neighbors say have imperialistic ambitions,” Payne continued. “You don’t think that we should be pushing against China?”

“The point is that they are threatening us,” Payne shot back, and Stockman disagreed. The exchange got heated when Payne suggested China and the U.S. could go to war. – READ MORE

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