Former Obama Admin CIA Director: Not Such a Good Idea to Leak Against and Attack New President


Micheal Morrell, longtime deputy director of the CIA and two-time acting director under President Barack Obama, admitted there were downsides to his open support of Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election.

“I think there were downsides to it that I didn’t think about at the time,” Morrell told Politico’s Susan Glasser in an interview. “I don’t think I fully thought through the implications.”

President Donald Trump lashed out at the intelligence community shortly after being elected, in what Politico described as then President-Elect Trump’s “wild, swinging attacks against the intelligence community,” which “have been so far off the charts of traditional behavior for a president-elect that it is hard to wrap one’s mind around.”

Trump, shortly after the election, referred to the leaders of the intelligence community as “political hacks.”

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