FLASHBACK: NBC Also Stifled Ronan Farrow’s Attempt To Question Cosby Sex Allegations


If Ronan Farrow was determined to reveal the sordid allegations leveled against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, it may be because NBC subdued his reporting in the past.

In a 2016 guest column for the Hollywood Reporter, Farrow revealed that his producer, including others in the media circle, warned him not to question a Bill Cosby biographer about the many sexual assault stories circulating around the seemingly Teflon-coated comedian.

”They’re accusations. They’re not in the headlines. There’s no obligation to mention them,” his television producer told him. The Cosby biographer thought so too; he had not referenced any of the stories in his newly published book.

Farrow compromised by preparing a single question regarding sexual abuse allegations against Cosby. Farrow warned the biographer that the question was coming, prompting an uncomfortable response from the author. When Farrow finally got around to posing the question on air, the biographer responded minimally that yes, he was aware of such stories, but he had discounted them. – READ MORE

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