FLASHBACK: Dems Cheered Bill Clinton When Feds Ripped 5-yr-old Refugee From His Home at Gunpoint (Video)


Disturbing video. Liberals and media types snap when President Donald Trump tweets at 5 am. Just imagine what they would do if he ordered a 5-yr-old illegal refugee ripped from his Florida home at 5 am by a small army of assault-rifle-wielding federal agents to be deported to Cuba.

That’s what President Bill Clinton did in April 2000 to young Elián González much to the cheers of his fellow Democratic voters and lawmakers as well as Attorney General Janet Reno who green-lighted what basically was a federal kidnapping.

González was stuffed into a van and whisked away from his relatives by gun-wielding federal agents at the bequest of Clinton’s White House.

Can you imagine if Trump ordered a similar immigration raid today? But it was perfectly fine for Clinton?



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