Feminists Said This Christmas Window Display In Britain Is Sexist


A Christmas display at a Marks & Spencer in Nottingham, Britain has feminists crying sexism for advertising a women’s “must-have fancy little knickers” beside a men’s “must-have outfits to impress.”

According to The Guardian, the original Christmas display featured the model “David Gandy wearing M&S suits with the tagline ‘must-have outfits to impress’ adjacent to red and black lingerie behind the tagline ‘must-have fancy little knickers.'” Take a look:

Feminists did not take kindly to the ad, with many blasting it as “grotesque” and “vomit-inducing.” After it went viral online, protesters defaced the women’s underwear slogan to read “must have full human rights.”

The Facebook group Feminist Friends Nottingham received an outpouring of complaints from several women shoppers. – READ MORE

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