FEEL THE BERN: Bernie Cashes in With Secret $600,000 Lake-front Summer Home


Four days after quitting the Presidential race at the Democratic National Convention, Bernie Sanders quietly purchased his third residence, a $600,000 lake-front compound in the Champlain Islands with mountain views, True Pundit has confirmed.

The purchase was so stealth that it is not yet recorded in public records and the realtor and sellers involved were asked to keep the transaction confidential, sources said. You would think by now that Bernie would know that following his national political surrender just days earlier, amid rumors that he “sold out,” that a purchase of a summer home on a resort island might make headlines. I guess he simply didn’t care about the optics. Or perhaps he had come into some cash recently and needed to launder splurge.

Sanders’ new log-style compound has four bedrooms, over one acre or land, and a separate guest quarters villa in addition to the main historic house which is almost 100 years old. Sanders’ third home is on the side of the island facing Vermont, where he maintains his primary residence in Burlington. He also owns a home in Washington D.C. We thought this guy was supposed to be broke and living on Ramen Pride noodles?

True Pundit is the first news site to obtain exclusive photos of Bernie’s new digs. Check out this island property and its mountain and lake views and perhaps you too will Feel the Bern, especially if you supported Bernie.

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