Fauci supports medical group’s call to mask 3-year-olds and older in school: ‘Reasonable thing to do’


Dr. Anthony Fauci argued Monday that the decision by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) to recommend all children aged 3 years and older wear masks when schools reopen regardless of vaccination status was “a reasonable thing to do.”

Appearing on CNN’s “At This Hour,” Fauci said that because there was a “substantial proportion of the population” that was unvaccinated, he understood why the organization would make such a decision.

“I think that’s along the same lines as what we’ve seen with the health authorities in Los Angeles … that when you have a degree of viral dynamics in the community, and you have a substantial proportion of the population that is unvaccinated, that you really want to go the extra step, the extra mile, to make sure that there’s not a lot of transmission, even breakthrough infections, among vaccinated individuals,” Fauci said after host Kate Bolduan asked what he thought about the AAP’s decision.

“For that reason, you can understand why the American Academy of Pediatrics might want to do that. They just want to be extra safe,” he added.- READ MORE

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