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‘Fake News’ Hysteria Is Fake News


It would seem there is quite a bit of fakery when it comes to the fake news media campaign. This all begs the question: Why is the establishment media suddenly so terrified of fake news?

There have been wild and outrageous rumors and allegations flying around as news since before the founding of the Republic. Some historians credit the spread of revolutionary ideas prior to the War of Independence to hundreds of thousands of pamphlets floating around the colonies filled with such conspiracy theories as there being a plot to make the Church of England faith the only acceptable form of Christianity in America. The most famous of these pamphlets, Thomas Paine’s ‘Common Sense’, became a seminal text for the ideals which underpin the American Republic.

Is this historical precedent of anti-establishment information leading to the overthrow of a corrupt elite what has the mainstream media so panicked? Given the information being released to the public about the corruption surrounding the Clintons this seems like a plausible explanation. What else does the public not yet know that has the pro-Clinton corporate media so worried? – READ MORE

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