Fake News Factory BuzzFeed Can’t Compete As Legitimate News Site; Publishes Anti-Conservative Lies Instead

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BuzzFeed News has been telegraphing its implosion and collapse for months. On Tuesday, it finally pressed the handle on the blasting box. And KABOOM, BuzzFeed’s catastrophic “news” experiment lay in a steaming pile of liberal rubble.

BuzzFeed published a phony 30-plus page dossier about Donald Trump that was reportedly compiled by a retired British Intelligence agent. Instead, it appears the report was fabricated as a prank by mental adolescents on the alternative web site 4Chan and then shopped to media outlets in an attempt to trick the mainstream media. It worked. The content of the “report” ranges from the completely ridiculous to absolute obscene, highlighting the twisted minds of the 4Chan crowd as well as the stooges who got played. This garbage makes Hunter S. Thompson’s hallucinogen-inspired ramblings look like a Disney film.

Turns out the closest BuzzFeed News Editor Ben Smith has ever been to anyone even remotely resembling a British Intelligence agent is watching Austin Powers. Or perhaps Fox Business anchor Stuart Varney. (BTW: British Intel agents never retire, they just get old and die, babyyyyy.)

True Pundit has been slamming BuzzFeed News’ bogus reporting for months. Last week it reported the FBI never even asked to examine the computer servers of the Democratic National Committee to trace email leaks. Hours later True Pundit was the only news organization to counter BuzzFeed’s claims, reporting that the FBI was denied access to the DNC servers and therefore, could not conduct a proper forensic examination. The FBI released a statement hours later confirming True Pundit’s story. FBI Director James Comey again confirmed the story yesterday during Senate testimony on Capitol Hill.

How did BuzzFeed respond? It did nothing to counter its lies and glaring gaffes. It and other mainstream media sites continued to circulate the fake story, proving BuzzFeed Editor Mr. Smith went to Washington to spread liberal propaganda, not news. BuzzFeed missed earnings by approx $250 million in 2016 so it now fabricates stories via a “news” division. Stick to click bait, Mr. Smith. NBC Universal’s bloated $200 million investment into your overvalued brand will not buy you integrity, grit, experience and brains as a news outfit. You have to earn those tenets. And you failed miserably.

On the heels of the fake FBI debacle, BuzzFeed has managed to alienate at least half of its reader base via its reckless and biased startup BuzzFeed News. Picking political sides and publishing intentionally fake documents will further damage BuzzFeed’s ability to grow and make earnings.

Ben Smith and BuzzFeed News may have just sealed the fate of its parent company which has been exposed as another liberal owned and operated conservative hate factory, rubbing your nose in your political beliefs while it laughs from its biased ivory tower.

BuzzFeed:The right’s new version of Macy’s.

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