EXCLUSIVE: Rogue Twitter Employee Who Deleted Trump’s Account Was in U.S. on Immigrant Visa; Also Worked At Islamic Mosque


The Twitter employee who sabotaged President Donald Trump’s social media account was in the United States on a temporary immigrant work visa, according to federal sources who spoke to True Pundit.

And it is likely the last work visa Bahtiyar Duysak will be granted in the United States, according to a FBI official.

Duysak, a German national with Turkish parents, also worked as a security guard and in a community outreach position at the Muslim Community Center and mosque in the Bay Area outside of San Francisco, according to sources and documents obtained by True Pundit.

Duysak deleted president Trump’s Twitter account for eleven minutes on Nov. 3, his last day working for the social media company. He is no longer in the United States.

Duysak may have also appeared in multiple YouTube videos on behalf of the mosque which were likely used to recruit new members, according to sources. Any videos featuring the Twitter contractor, however,  have since been removed from the mosque’s YouTube account.

Ironically, Duysak previously worked as a contractor for YouTube, which is owned by Google. That was before his employment with Twitter’s Trust and Safety Division.

Screenshot of Duysak in YouTube video from Muslim Community Center and mosque in the Bay Area. The video has since been deleted by the mosque.

It is little wonder Twitter officials have shielded the man’s identity, nationality and links to Islam, especially with President Trump’s hardliner policies on Muslim immigration form certain questionable countries as well as limiting the number of immigrant worker visas to help boost jobs for U.S. citizens. Both policies have proven lightning rods of controversy to the Left and rabid Democrats — and apparently triggering Duysak enough to lash out and delete President Trump’s Twitter account.

Good luck getting another work visa in the United States. One FBI source said Duysak would now be considered a security risk for future tech work in the United States.

“What’s next, he pulls a Snowden and walks away with a company’s trade secrets?” the FBI source said, referring to Edward Snowden who illegally obtained a treasure trove of classified and top secret documents while employed as a contractor for the NSA.

A federal law enforcement source said Duysak — and possibly other actors at Twitter — may have violated the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA), a law which prohibits assorted federal hacking and unauthorized access to computers offenses.

The Secret Service would defer such a probe — where the president was never directly threatened — to the FBI, the source confirmed.

Did Duysak target President Trump because of his immigration policies on certain Muslims? The appears more than likely. It’s no coincidence Twitter rushed to paint the then-anonymous Duysak as a “rogue” employee knowing that eventually his identity would be unveiled, including his ties to the Muslim community.

Duysak was also president of the university’s Turkish Student Association at California State University, according to social media and public posts which have since been scrubbed from the web.


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