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EXCLUSIVE: MOAB Does Little Damage to ISIS; Instead Sparks Taliban Massacre of 200 U.S.-Trained, Funded Afghani Intel OPs


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(WARNING: This report contains graphic images)

Touted as a military success, the reality in Afghanistan is the United States’ MOAB (mother of all bombs) damage and prowess proved largely a dud and likely cost the U.S.-led war on ISIS and Taliban terror factions far more casualties than it created, according to an assessment from US Intel Ops in the Afghan theater.

We are getting this raw intelligence from our contacts in Afghanistan. We have edited very little, as mainstream news outlets are already censoring this intelligence, or they are simply not plugged in enough to obtain it. That is not our problem, as we have the Intel.

We are going raw Intel format instead of traditional news story format because this is how the information was disseminated. Since the US dropped the “mother of all bombs” on a suspected ISIS cave labyrinth, numbers of casualties have not been fully reported by US officials. Sources on the ground indicate the mega-ton bomb killed under 100 ISIS-linked soldiers and brass of the Islamic State. MOAB for the most part, proved a military dud, our sources said. It was however, a public relations victory. But that victory proved temporary.

While MOAB was being trumpeted in the United States, an attack over the weekend — thought to have been sparked by MOAB — has dwarfed the devastation of the Trump administration’s MOAB drop.

And it was carried out by approximately a dozen highly trained Taliban operatives who bribed Afghani officials to carry out a massacre of more than 200 Afghani security forces, many who trained longer than a decade under the tutelage and coffers of the United States. In short, the US-controlled Aghani Security Force sold out their countrymen and allowed the Taliban to infiltrate and murder over 200 soldiers who were unarmed and emerging from morning prayers on their way to lunch.

The assault lasted five hours and is the largest single deadliest assault on an Afghan military base in the 16-years or turmoil.

“You read in the news about how MOAB defeated ISIS but it did not even scratch ISIS,” a DOD insider told True Pundit. “The devastation here from the attack we believe was retaliation and it was much more brutal in terms of casualties than MOAB. There is no comparison. You can’t just drop one bomb like that and run to the newspapers, you have to pound them for days. Our enemies are well trained and well funded and smart.

“Americans need to know this back at home. Seems like MOAB was a publicity stunt. No follow up which gave the enemy a license to retaliate.”

This raw Intel from the scene:

Complex attack in Mazar using GIROA uniforms and vehicles

Updates on Mazar City ANA 209 Shaheen Base Complex Attack

A total of 10 militants wearing ANA uniforms and were driving in Two ANA Ranger vehicles and equipped with heavy weapons, suicide vest launched the complex attack. They militants used fake IDs from Faryab ANA base and easier managed to pass through the first gate. One of the Suicide bomber detonated at second gate and another suicide bomber detonated in mosque. The remaining were engaged in firefight with ANSF.

The Taliban militants posing for a per-assault photo

Update – Mazar City ANA 209 Shaheed Base Complex Attack – All 10 militants killed. The clearance operation ended. At least 160 ANA soldiers killed including high ranking officials and more then 100 wounded. The casualty figures are going to be change. Closer to 200 believed massacred.

Group photo looks to show them as Taliban black letters white background vice Daesh/ISIS white letters Black background.

The attack, the main commander of the base who was on duty left the base Mintutes before the attack . And also the militants used military bases from Nimroz Province.

“Attacker On 209 Shaheen Corps Mazar were recognized and their name were announced as follows, per military Intel. These names might be classified, but no one else will publish, so please broadcast to your readers.

1:  Sargent Safi from Balkh Province

2: Fida Mohammad from Dand Ghori Baghlan Province

3: Niamatullah from Srobi district Kabul Province

4: Mullah lal Mohammad from Nangrahar Province

5: Engineer Talha from Wardak  Province

6: Jawad from Kandahar Province

7: Qari Zia ur Rahman from Khost Province

8: Nabi University student of Ghazni University

9: Abdul Baseer from Gorband district Parwan Province

10: Zabiullah from Char Dara district of Kunduz Province”

Afghani Intel solders were ambushed during lunch. Unarmed.

Returning from morning prayers, these soldiers were unarmed. Insiders sold Taliban
sensitive Intel on the perfect time to strike.

Taliban militants were wired with plastic explosives and detonated themselves in common areas to
inflict mass casualties, DOD insiders said.

The majority of the Intels Ops massacred were unarmed. Insider-fed ambush.


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