EXCLUSIVE: Obama Justice Dept. Killed & Covered Up FBI Probe of Harvard’s Lieber — The Top Chemist Recently Indicted as Chinese Agent


The Obama Justice Department scrubbed and covered up an FBI investigation into Harvard University’s top chemist Dr. Charles Lieber, years prior to the embattled professor’s recent January arrest by the FBI for secretly operating as an agent of the People’s Republic of China, according to high-ranking FBI insiders.

FED insiders are blowing the roof off the massive Harvard-China national security scandal stretching from Wuhan, China to the prestigious Ivy League, as detailed on the new episodes of the Moore Paine Show on Patreon and the Thomas Paine Podcast Ep. 21. The FBI could have put the brakes on Lieber’s crime spree that ultimately prospered wildly and kicked into high gear after Obama-era Attorney General Eric Holder shut the federal probe down. It must be noted: Barack Obama is a Harvard law school alum. (More Below)

Years later, Lieber is now under indictment and Harvard is under a microscope. Paine said the FBI and Justice Department have grossly under-reported the illicit amount of cash Lieber was paid by China, possibly on purpose, while also glossing over other disturbing illicit activities by Lieber, a nano-scientist who also served as a chair for Harvard’s Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology.

Is William Barr’s Justice Department also trying to cover up the massive international biological cartel secretly operating behind the curtain of higher academia at Harvard? Big trouble abound. Listen above.

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