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‘Every EU Member Should Have a Referendum’: Marine Le Pen Calls For Democracy In Europe


Speaking just hours before polls open in Britain for their historic vote on continued membership of the European Union, a key leader of the Europe populist right said every European should be able to vote on the nascent super-state.

French Front National leader Marine Le Pen made the remarks yesterday in a discussion on France’s TF1 television where she praised Britain’s referendum and said France — as well as a host of other European nations — wanted a say on their future too.

The French presidential hopeful — who is presently surging in the polls ahead of the 2017 election — told the channel: “What I’m asking for is a referendum in France. Every EU member should be able to have its say in a referendum”, reports Euractiv.

Echoing comments she made in Vienna last week, Ms. Le Pen said France had “a thousand more reasons” than even the United Kingdom to leave the EU, because unlike Britain they are a member of the Schengen free movement area and the Euro single currency which is presently causing enormous harm to the French economy. – READ MORE

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