Even The NYTimes Thinks Its ‘Curtains For The Clintons’


When it comes to the Clintons’ heavily promoted speaking tour, it seems that even the crickets are taking the night off.

The New York Times‘s Maureen Dowd has penned what can only be described as a sad state of affairs for the Clintons – after paying $177 for a ticket to hear the former Democratic party superstars speak. As journalist Byron York notes – had Dowd simply waited until the day of the event, she could pave paid less than $10 for the event.

As Dowd illustrates, the Clintons are the Democrats’ Rasputin – refusing to be extinguished so that the fractured party can move forward.

The Clintons refuse to be discarded. It has been their joint project for half a century to be at the center of the public scene and debate. The way that the whole thing came crashing down in 2016 is too hard for them to bear. They would like to rewrite the ending, but there is no way to do that. -Maureen Dowd via NYTREAD MORE

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