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Europeans back anti-ISIS campaign but have doubts about use of force in fighting terror


After a year of escalating terror attacks against Western targets, people across Europe are widely supportive of U.S.-led military action against the Islamic militant group in Iraq and Syria known as ISIS. But when it comes to a broader strategy to defeat terrorism around the world, many Europeans fear relying too much on military force will create hatred that leads to more terrorism.

A Pew Research Center survey conducted this spring, before the most recent terror attacks in France and Germany, found that a median of 76% across 10 European countries saw ISIS as a major threat to their nation and 69% supported U.S.-led military actions against the group.

When asked about defeating terrorism more widely, only 41% were convinced that using overwhelming military force was the best strategy. A larger 53% thought relying too much on force would be counterproductive. – READ MORE

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