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European countries paid terror suspects benefits as they planned their attacks


As usual, when waves of refugees fled Syria, progressives held up Europe as a mirror reflecting all of America’s moral shortcomings. Germany was willing to take in an unlimited number of refugees, at least until it decided it wasn’t going to anymore. Last fall, the country implemented “temporary” border controls, slamming the door in the face of those poor widows and orphans.

Last month, one of those immigrants, a 17-year-old refugee from Afghanistan, attacked passengers on a commuter train in Germany with an ax and a knife. He was shot and killed by police, but ISIS uploaded a video in which he had declared, “I have been living with you all the time while planning an attack that will be stronger than the Paris attacks that continue to horrify you to this day. I will keep fighting you as long as I am alive, I will slaughter you with this knife, and I will decapitate you with an axe.” He had been living with a host family in Ochsenfurt when he shot the video. – READ MORE

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