Epstein’s famous friends may have participated in ‘sinister’ crimes – child advocate


The scandal surrounding disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein could have been stopped by his many celebrity friends who chose to turn a blind eye, according to attorney and advocate Carissa Phelps.

The author, attorney and advocate for sexually exploited runaway children, spoke to RT’s Mike Papantonio to discuss Epstein’s case. Phelps, who is herself a survivor of human trafficking, said while nobody should have the resources to enslave others and get away with it, “as long as we have the rich and powerful raping children and getting away with it, we will still have that same behavior and local communities won’t stand a chance.”


Despite his conviction for soliciting a child, Epstein appeared to continue to enjoy a large circle of so-called ‘Hollywood’ friends including President Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey and Woody Allen. Some of which, Phelps says, could have, at best, helped victims, and, at worst, participated in the heinous acts.

“Most of those people that you mentioned probably could have helped victims have a voice and chose not to,” said Phelps.

“Some of those people may have had things themselves that they were involved with that were sinister and bad.”read more

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