Environmentalists on Thanksgiving: Consider Turkey’s ‘Carbon Footprint,’ Eat Less Meat


Liberal environmentalist non-profits are urging people to eat organic, consume less meat, and consider the carbon footprint of their Thanksgiving feast, the Baltimore Sun reports.

The Center for Food Safety cites University of Manchester researchers’ claim that a turkey and all-the-trimmings meal for eight people produces 44 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions. And the life of the bird at the center of the table contributes about 60 percent of that planet-warming gas.

“Choosing the type of food we eat – organic versus conventional meats and veggies, makes a great difference in greenhouse gas emissions,” Debi Barker, the Center’s international director, said, adding that about 14 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions are connected to industrial agriculture methods, she contends.

“Our take on that is to empower ourselves,” Barker said. “If you’re buying organic, you’re really taking a bite out of climate [change].”

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