Does Cuomo Even Have the Authority to Slap $1000 Fines on People Disobeying His Mask Edict?


Governor Andrew Cuomo confused all of New York law enforcement on Saturday by ordering police to enforce his mask order. Anyone caught not socially distancing will be issued a $1000 fine.

“I’ve said to law enforcement all across the state: Enforce the mask executive order,” Cuomo told reporters on Saturday in response to a protest, where people attended without masks to demanded that the state be reopened. “It’s reckless, it’s irresponsible and it’s not about your life, it’s about other people’s lives,” he said.

It seems the only police in the state that got that memo are the NYPD and they aren’t divulging under what authority or legal code they can issue such fines. PJ Media reached out to sheriff’s offices in Lawrence County, Ontario County, Monroe County, and several local police departments in upstate New York. None of them had received any guidance or orders to enforce the edicts.

On Sunday, the New York Post reported that 51 citations had been issued in New York City for improper social distancing. But considering there is no law that tells us what social distancing is, the question remains: by what authority did they do so? Commissioner Shea was quoted saying, “In parks specifically yesterday, we issued 43 summonses,” but Shea’s office refused to tell PJ Media what code was placed on those citations or how they were written. Instead of answering that simple question, we were told to submit a FOIA request, which we did. However, due to COVID-19, nothing is open, no one is working, and the chances that anyone will respond to that request in a timely fashion are slim. – READ MORE

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