DHS Asks Public For Help With Border Wall

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The Department of Homeland Security is seeking your help to build the wall.

In a post published Thursday on the Federal Business Opportunities website, DHS solicits ideas for a “comprehensive long-term strategy related to the border wall.” DHS has already ordered construction of the wall on southern border and has announced they will post a bid next week for the design and build of prototype wall structures. That notice, however, focuses on the near-term wall construction efforts.

“There are many other considerations for completion of the border wall. DHS recognizes that industry, other agencies, and other private entities may have interesting and useful ideas about how we could proceed. We would like to invite submissions of any such ideas so we can consider them as we develop a complete and comprehensive long-term strategy,” the request for information says. “This strategy will need to accommodate the entire southwest border, which has a quite diverse range of terrain, foliage, population, wildlife, and other features.”

The DHS seeks to get these white papers for the long-strategy from “companies, not for profits, educational institutions, consortia, and other entities with innovative ideas.” These papers, which are limited to five pages, should identify obstacles to constructing the wall and address dual functions for the wall, models for constructing and maintaining it, and how it could bring economic benefit and jobs to the regions.

If you’re inclined to send in a submission, shoot an email over to “[email protected]”. However, the posting does mention that there will be no compensation for these white papers.


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