Despite Democrat Leader’s Claims, Puerto Rico Gives $113,000,000 in Bonuses


The 2017 Atlantic hurricane season is over. Houston, Miami and other coastal cities are rebuilding and prospering.

Puerto Rico, on the other hand, is still recovering. And now $113 million in bonus payments to state emplyees has put a giant question mark on the U.S. territory’s priorities.

Many areas are without power, but it’s no longer just because of Hurricane Maria. Puerto Rico was hit hard, but there have been areas that have recovered much quicker from Category 5 storms. Perhaps it has something to do with being under Democrat control for 44 of the past 52 years

The island was pushed to bankruptcy in May of 2017 thanks to poor financial management.


The worst offense yet is still emerging. Puerto Rico is doling out $113 million in Christmas bonuses to current and former government employees, according to Bloomberg.

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