Democrats Care About Their Power, Not About Russian Hacking

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But Hillary Clinton’s defeat is what has them most exercised. They’ve obviously come to expect their party’s permanent investiture in the Oval Office, and they were shellshocked at the trouncing they took — not just at the presidential level but all the way up and down federal and state ballots. In this case, pride certainly preceded the fall.

Surely, you’re not too old to remember their hand-wringing when Trump complained the election was rigged — their outrage that a presidential candidate would undermine the integrity of our “democratic institutions” and the orderly and peaceful transition of power?

Lo and behold, as they are wont to do, the Democrats quickly engaged in the very activity for which they maligned Trump, but the difference was that unlike Trump, they didn’t just talk about it; they did it. They launched recount efforts and even tried to pressure presidential electors to abandon Trump in their last-ditch efforts to reclaim the executive branch — which they will need to do if they want to impose their will on the American people through lawless executive action again. – READ MORE

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