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Democrat Electors Try To Persuade GOP Electors To Abandon Trump


Democrats furious that Donald Trump won the presidency despite the fact that Hillary Clinton surpassed him in the popular vote by almost two million votes,  have formed a battle plan to eradicate the Electoral College, which enabled Trump to triumph.

As Politico reports, roughly one half-dozen Democratic electors, chiefly  former Bernie Sanders supporters from Washington state and Colorado, are attempting to persuade Republican electors in other states to reject their oaths, and in some cases, state law, by voting against Trump when the Electoral College meets on Dec. 19. The Democrats would also vote against Hillary Clinton.

In order to invalidate Trump’s victory, the Democrats would have to persuade 37 GOP electors to join the, an extremely unlikely scenario. If they did succeed, the House of Representatives would decide who should be president. The House might choose Trump anyway. – READ MORE

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