De Blasio Blames Trump For Riots, Saying President ‘Helped To Poison The Atmosphere’ (VIDEO)


Amid massive protests in cities across the country, many of which turned violent on Saturday night, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said President Trump has “helped to create this atmosphere.”

“I can tell you this, and this is the blunt truth, the president of the United States helped to create this atmosphere, and that’s the tragedy here,” the mayor said on Saturday. “It doesn’t matter what your party affiliation is, doesn’t matter what you think of President Trump, there’s been an uptick in tension and hatred and division since he came along. It’s just a fact.”

“And it’s not the reason for any specific act, but it has helped to poison the atmosphere. So, we gotta’ get back to leaders talking about unity.”

“We always talk about respect for peaceful protest, respect for communities, respect for different points of view, and obviously that’s not been the tone set from the top in Washington, and that’s one of the reasons we’re in this mess we’re in,” de Blasio said. – READ MORE

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