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Cyberattacks on personal health records growing ‘exponentially’


Sometimes frustratingly so.

I’ve had providers refuse to send my information to me by email, because that form of communication is considered less secure than the now-ancient practice of faxing.

A new Government Accountability Office report shows that concern is warranted, now more than ever.

In 2015, 113 million electronic health records were breached, a major leap over the 12.5 million the year before. In 2009, the number was less than 135,000. The number of reported hacks and breaches affecting records of at least 500 individuals rose from none in 2009 to 56 last year, almost double from 2014.

“The magnitude of the threat against health care information has grown exponentially,” GAO said, citing a 2015 study by the KPMG accounting firm. – READ MORE

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