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Cops Have Given The FBI 6,814 iPhones They Couldn’t Access In 2016


The FBI’s forensic agents are able to access most of the smartphones that stump other police agencies, FBI general counsel Jim Baker said Friday.

Baker announced the figures at a talk titled “Law Enforcement and Intelligence Access to Plaintext,” according to Kevin Bankston, Director of the Open Tech Institute, a think tank that focuses on privacy and surveillance, who attended and tweeted. The FBI’s communications office was closed Friday for Veteran’s Day, but one FBI spokesperson told Vocativ that such a figure “sounds about right” and that “I have no reason not to trust those numbers.”

The FBI was able to crack into most of the 6,814 phones that local, state, federal, and tribal police turned over, Baker said. Of those, 2095 required passcodes to defeat. Out of that subset, FBI analysts were able to access 1,210 phones. – READ MORE

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