Colorado Democrats Vote Down Bill Mandating Medical Care To Born-Alive Survivors Of Abortions


On Tuesday, Colorado Democrats voted down a bill seeking to mandate medical care to born-alive survivors of abortions, House Bill 1068.

“The bill establishes a physician-patient relationship between a child born alive after or during an abortion and the physician who performed or attempted to perform the abortion,” outlines

The bill would require physicians “to exercise the same degree of professional skill, care, and diligence to preserve the life and health of the child as a reasonably diligent and conscientious physician would render to any other child born alive at the same gestational age and requires that the child born alive be immediately transferred to a hospital.”

If physicians were not to adequately care for the born-alive child, they would be hit with a $100,000 civil penalty, constituting “a class 3 felony that could come to bear as ‘unprofessional conduct’ on a medical’ license,” reported Colorado Politics.

The House State Veterans and Military Affairs Committee killed House Bill 1068, as well as another bill (House Bill 1098) seeking to outlaw abortions past 22 weeks gestation, along party lines, with Republicans backing the bills and Democrats opposing them, Colorado Politics noted. – READ MORE

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