College Instructor Who Tweeted Presidential Assassination Wish: I Just Got Fired, Y’all


Last year Kevin Allred, AKA the Beyonce Professor, was sent to a psychiatric hospital for evaluation after tweeting about killing white people. He was fired from his position at Rutgers, but then he lined up another job at Montclair State University. Which was good news for him, until he decided to tweet this:

Well, Twitter can get pretty hairy on a Friday night.

So that happened again. And now this has happened again:

Trump’s got him looking so crazy right now. He got to thinkin’ he was irreplaceable.

Is this really the fault of the “Trump trolls,” though? I’m no college professor or anything, but if I insisted on doing the same thing over and over and kept getting the same negative result, I might try doing something else. I might, y’know… learn.

Fortunately for Allred, there’s always steady employment in America for a guy like him.

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