CNN’s ‘Fake News Cop’ Brian Stelter Spreads Proven-Hoaxer’s Delta Airlines ‘Hate Crime’

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Adam Saleh, a Muslim-American social media star, is also a proven hoaxer of hate crimes. In 2014, he staged an incident involving a man in Muslim garb being confronted by a bigoted New York City police officer. Saleh, however, presented the video as authentic and did so at the height of the debate over New York’s stop and frisk policy. Naturally, all kinds of media outlets fell for the hoax.

Anyone with access to The Google Machine, anyone with a sense of civic responsibility, a shred of journalistic ethics, a modicum of human decency when it comes to spreading inflammatory information, would have been extremely careful before helping to viralize Saleh’s claim Wednesday that he had been booted from a Delta Airlines flight simply because he was overheard speaking Arabic.

Moreover, you would think that someone like CNN’s Brian Stelter — you know, a so-called journalist who covers journalism, and an open activist against Fake News, would be ESPECIALLY careful before helping to viralize a wild claim from a known hoaxer. – READ MORE

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