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Clinton Ignored FOIA Requests for Years, Hypocritical in Her Transparency Attacks on Trump


CNN’s Inside Politics panel ripped Hillary Clinton for being hypocritical and falling short in transparency on Sunday, saying the latest round of allegations against the Clinton Foundation are her own fault because she ignored Freedom of Information Act requests as secretary of state.

The release of nearly 300 pages of emails after a lawsuit by Judicial Watch has revealed more overlaps and allegations of pay-for-play between the Clinton Foundation and Clinton’s State Department.

“There is a tremendous amount of defensiveness by the Clintons about this,” New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman said. “The campaign, their officials sort of walked into this problem that existed before they got there. But if you look at the emails that were released, these were part of FOIA lawsuits. The State Department under Hillary Clinton did not respond to Freedom of Information requests over several years, so the timing of this is almost entirely at their own hand, in the sense that if they had just released them at the time, this wouldn’t be a big deal.”

Clinton has attacked Republican opponent Donald Trump for not releasing his tax returns and not being fully transparent. Haberman said these were “legitimate questions to ask about a future president, especially one who is talking about the lack of transparency about her opponent.” – READ MORE

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