Clinton Cash: A Breakdown of the Clinton’s Income after leaving the White House “dead broke”


2015 was a bad year for the Clintons: with only $10.6 million in taxable income, as Hillary revealed earlier today in order to shame Trump in revealing his tax returns, this was a 60% drop from the record $27.9 million they earned in 2014, it was the lowest income the power couple made since 2010, and was the third lowest income they generated in the past decade.

Of the $10.6 million, the dynastic presidential couple earned over 60%, or $6.7 million, from speaking fees: it was their top money-making activity by a wide margin. As reported earlier, the due also donated $1 million to “charity”, of which 96% went to the Clinton Foundation.

A breakdown of the Clinton’s income shows that they have earned nearly a quarter billion dollars, or $237 million to be precise, since leaving the White House in 2001. The full breakdown is shown in the chart below. – READ MORE

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