Chicago Considers Demanding Cops Ask For Permission Before Chasing Suspects On Foot


Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot told media Wednesday that she is considering instituting a “momentous” change to Chicago police procedure following the police-involved shooting death of 13-year-old Adam Toledo: requiring that Chicago Police Department officers receive express permission from a supervisor before engaging in a foot chase.

“No one should die as a result of a foot chase,” Lightfoot said, adding that the city plans to unveil the policy change “soon.”

Chicago officials confirmed to the city’s Fox affiliate that the mayor’s office plans on tacking foot chases as part of its “police reform” plan.

“Alderman Brian Hopkins says an official in the mayor’s office told him officers could soon be required prior to a foot chase to do what is now required before a vehicle chase: getting permission from higher-ups,” Fox 32 Chicago reported.

“Of course that raises obvious problems,” Hopkins added, per Fox 32. “In the time it would take to do that, the person you’re supposed to be chasing is actually long gone. The point would be moot then.”

It is not clear whether the policy would apply in situations where a suspect who flees from police on foot is clearly armed.- READ MORE

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