Cher Compares ‘F*cking Idiot’ Donald Trump to Hitler at Clinton Fundraiser


Pop icon Cher lit into Donald Trump on Sunday, comparing the Republican presidential nominee to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler and calling him a slew of vulgar names during a fundraiser for Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

The 70-year-old “Believe” singer and gay icon kicked off her roughly 15-minute remarks at the LGBT-focused event in Provincetown, Massachusetts by fondly recalling the first time she met gay and lesbian people as a child, before pivoting to viciously attack the Republican presidential nominee.

“I just think he’s a f*cking idiot,” Cher said, to wildly enthusiastic applause. “I was thinking despots — Stalin, Hitler — even though they said the same things, we’re going to make Germany great again, and it was at a time when the Deutsch mark I think was at 25 cents,” she continued. “And also look at Brexit, these people just screwed themselves so badly because they were angry and they didn’t think things could get worse.” – READ MORE

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