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Charlotte protesters say they’re sick of ‘letting things slide’


Black residents of Charlotte say they’d sensed that a reckoning was coming.

Even those who benefited from development projects that brought pristine streets and trendy restaurants to the Queen City in recent years understood that the new facade was plastered over the same old ugliness of unaddressed racial grievances.

The fatal shooting of Keith Lamont Scott by the police on Tuesday shattered the image Charlotte’s leaders had crafted of a gleaming, inclusive hub of the New South, a modernizing metropolis with a bustling economy that has been named one of the best cities in America. And the response from many African-Americans to the loss of that reputation is: good riddance.

“What I hope happens in Charlotte is that there’s enough disruption to show that we are not living up to the image we’ve created for ourselves,” said Janelle Dunlap, 30, who works at a nonprofit for the city’s poorest and who joined protests in the city this week. “We are not somewhere where you have greater opportunities. We’re not somewhere that’s more accessible to upward mobility. We’re actually no better than any city you might be moving from.” – READ MORE

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