Canada Designates Proud Boys A Terrorist Group


The Canadian Government is designating the right-wing Proud Boys movement as a terrorist group, according to the Toronto Star, which reports that the “Western chauvinist” group is expected to be formally added to Canada’s “terrorist entity” list later Wednesday – where they will join Al Qaida, Boko Haram, Hizballah, the Taliban and the Islamic State.

Of note, Antifa and BLM – whose members spent most of last Summer torching American cities, setting up “autonomous zones” with gun-dispensing warlords, and assaulting people for not raising their fists in solidarity -a re not on Canada’s “terrorist entity” list.

Members of the Proud Boys were present during the January 6 Capitol riot, during which a group of agitators were allowed to walk into the Capitol building, wreak havoc, and then casually walk out – with several participants arrested days later.

Of note, Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio was outed last week as a “prolific” FBI snitch, who repeatedly worked undercover for investigators following a 2012 arrest.- READ MORE

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