California gunman was frequent subject of police calls


Many times when there is a shooting incident in the U.S., neighbors and friends will respond with a comment along the lines of, “He always kept to himself,” or “We never would have suspected him.”

But according to documents released Tuesday, California gunman Kevin Neal – who was fatally shot by police after killing five people Nov. 13-14 — was not one of those people.

Over the past year, Tehama County sheriff’s deputies received 21 calls – either from Neal or his neighbors – in relation to chronic feuding on their street in Rancho Tehama, a small town in Northern California.

According to the documents, Neal and his wife told police their neighbors were cooking methamphetamine.

The neighbors said Neal punched a female neighbor in the face, repeatedly shot his gun and, in January, stabbed another woman neighbor who he believed was poisoning his dog.

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