BUSTED: Hillary Clinton Tweet Proves She Received Trump Tower Illegal Wiretap Intel During Presidential Campaign

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Hillary Clinton was so gleeful and spiteful in slamming Donald Trump during their nasty campaign that she actually tweeted likely evidence of inside intelligence from Trump headquarters that could have only come form one source: A wiretap.

There simply is no other way this would have been otherwise disseminated. Clinton’s tweet on Halloween links the information to a story in left-loving Slate. But her campaign’s original statement on the Russian server was issued before the Slate article was even published. This likely means her campaign fed Slate and other cooperating media the information as well for its story then waited until it was published to provide cover for the campaign and the wiretap. When’s the last time Slate broke a major story on its own? Never.

We’d ask Hillary. She would tell us the truth, right? Just like the sycophants writing for state-controlled Slate. Hillary tags “Computer scientists” as the source of the information. Was that her campaign’s term for deep-state rogue operatives likely paid under the table to benefit her chances of winning the election? Who are and where are these alleged “computer scientists?”

Unable to keep an illegal secret a secret, Hillary outed herself. She just couldn’t help it. Now we know where and how she obtained the information.

Is anyone surprised?

Armed with this type of evidence, the FBI can certainly build a case for the wiretapping of Trump during the election, right? Unless of course the FBI participated in this illegal venture.

Oh wait. Did we say the FBI is going to do something? Our apologies. We lost ourselves for a moment.

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