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Business and Ideology Don’t Mix


Wall Street, which according to progressive mythology is the citadel of greed and corruption that defines conservatism, has become the straw man for all of capitalism’s supposed excesses and flaws. Yet while the Left’s attacks are unrelenting, progressives have had considerable success in implanting their social and cultural agenda within corporate America. The reorientation of employment policies, corporate governance, and daily business operations under the guise of corporate social responsibility (CSR), diversity and inclusion (D&I), and environmentalism, among other programs, signifies a worrying trend that is both undermining business objectives and foundational American principles. The Left’s accomplishments are changing the way some of the pillar institutions of capitalism address markets and society. Businesses, like universities, are being distracted from their primary function (namely, to produce and sell something) by their newfound obligations as tools of value dissemination. In recent years, every major U.S. bank, among other financial institutions, has begun to publish at least one annual CSR report lauding its purported successes in the pantheon of progressivism — race, gender, environmentalism, and sexuality — and outlining a strategic plan to progress on all the work that still needs to be done. – READ MORE

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