Brutal Week For Netflix on Wall Street; Conservatives Appear Serious About Ditching the Service Touting Barack & Michelle Obama


Remember the first half of the second week of July? Those really were the good old days. Netflix was riding high, its stock at almost $419 a share. Rivals were fighting over Fox and Sky in the hope of competing with Big Red.

And then, it happened: On Monday the 16th, Netflix badly missed its subscriber growth forecast. The stock plunged as low as $344, recovered a bit and then trended downward to close Thursday at $364.23. More hot takes were launched (or relaunched!) by both bulls and bears than new Netflix series.

Something radically has happened to the darling stock of Wall Street recently.

And the service is literally begging previous customers to return, sending emails offering incentives left and right.

Do we sense a bit of panic? The numbers indicate reason for concern.

A week in Review:

A Month in Review:


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